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I hate when people make up stories that aren't really true just to make themselves look cool, but this actually happened!
EARLIER TODAY: This was like around 9pm.
Ok so my aunt was like "you wanna go to gravity hill right now?" And I was like "sure why not, it'd be fun. We were on our way there and it was drizzeling and foggy. Our adrenaline was pumping and we were hyped up. (gravity hill is next to 2 cemetaries-a jewish and a regular) We finally reach the winding dark road that's very secluded. We weave our way through street and when we were almost there my aunt moved her purse from where it was, next to her, to the arm rest "why did you move it?" I asked. "I need to see the light were the gears are so we can do this quickly and leave because I don't know the gears by heart." "ok, do you want me to put it on the floor next to me?" I asked "no it's fine I just need to see the light because I want to do this quickly" she said. Meanwhile we reach the spot and put the car in nuetral and it works, the car began to go up hill in reverse. -I've been there during the day so I knew that it did work- my aunt then said "ok let's go, it's kinda getting scary" RIGHT AS SHE TOUCHED THE SHIFTER THE FREAKEN LIGHT, SHOWING WHAT GEAR THE THING IS ON, GOES OUT!!! not right before we got there, not right after we left. Just as she put her hand on the thing, so we can leave, did it short out. She reached up to turn the overhead light on to switch gears and, freaking out, we drove on. "did that just happen" I said "That's just too creepy" she replied.
The road winds around if you keep going straight, but the fog was pretty thick and people could go off the side of the road because it twists so much so she turned left to go past the cemetary because it had hardly any fog. "the cemetary! Are you crazy!" I said "I just want to turn around" she said "while we are here I read online about this statue of an animal that is supposed to be on the right side and it supposedly walks around at night" she added. "On my side?!?! Oh God!" I said
I swear on my life-right then the fog got so thick you could not see in front of you. I had no idea where we were at that point. My aunt turned on her bright lights and it was like we were looking through a veil where you could see outlines of things , but it was so thick, I'm telling you! We turned up the circle drive, went past the mortuary (while looking for the statue) and went out of the cemetary the way we went in. right as we turned out of the cemetary, the fog was gone, COMPLETELY GONE! I'm not kidding you. I was freaking out about everything. I kept on commenting on how this seemed like one of those stories that people tell, but they're really urban legends and stuff but FUCK MAN. We drove out of there to my aunt's house to wrap my mom's mother's day present.
We had just came from Souplantation before that and I had to pee so bad from the Snapple I drank. I almost pissed in my pants when all that crap happened. We were talking about how no one would believe us because it happened to perfectly: the fog, the cemetary, at night, secluded, the light going out... and i said "Even if we had a video camera no one would stil belive us because they'd think-how did they ""happen"" to have a camera with them?"
Those of you who know me, Know I wouldn't lie about stuff like think because you know how much I loathe when people make shit up. I SWEAR ON EVERYTHING THAT THIS HAPPENED TO ME!
(by the way the statue wasn't there so my aunt's gonna go in the morning tomorrow to try to find it, but we definately did not see it tonight-if it's there in the morning I'm gonna FREAK OUT!)
I'm seriously not kidding if you don't believe me ok whatever, but it actually happened. I'll NEVER forget that as long as I FUCKEN live!
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