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Damn you Tal

- 10 years ago - I was seven and uh. . I don't really remember 2nd grade

- 5 years ago - It sucked 'cause none of my friends liked each other and even more so 'cause I attended portola

- best year- 10th grade year ('01-'02) I met the most celebrities that year and went to the most shows. . . oh and the whole Jason thing

- 1 year ago - I was very glad to have moved away from my dad

- yesterday - I hung out with my cousin and aunt; played pool until 1:30 in the morning but it sucked 'cause I couldn't fall asleep until 4

- tomorrow - I have no idea, hopefully it'll be fun

- 5 snacks I enjoy - soda, slim jim, whipped cream, gum, del taco food

- 5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs – Blink 182 (hello, it's me!), Cause Of Insanity -beeyotch!, The Used, Lit, NO doubt, Billy idol and any cd that I buy because i'm a music whore

- 5 things I would do with a $100,000,000 - build a castle for me and whoever I invite, build a replica of the simpson house, buy oddities, buy all the music I've ever wanted, and get a kick ass effen car

- 5 locations I would like to run away to – hollywood, utah(it's peaceful), a band's tour bus, an island of my own, and a record label's wherehouse so I could experience music nirvana

- 5 bad habits I have - biting nails, being afraid of heights, being a dumbass, not giving "relationships" a chance, second guessing myself

- 5 things I like doing - listening to music, visiting cemetaries, meeting famous people, going to shows, and spending time wth my kick-ass friends

- 5 things I will never wear – anything that makes me feel fake, anything beside red/black/grey/white to school, anything that many people have anything that I don't feel comfortable in

- 5 t.v. shows I like(d) - Viva La Bam (oh man i'd do him), Psychic detectives, law and order SVU, ripley's believe it or not, beyond belief fact or fiction

- 5 movies I like – Wedding Crashers, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Grinch, Spice World, the movie I made for a project oh and the one I was in for madisen's b-day


- 5 biggest joys at the moment – my aunt, records, my 10yr old cousin, cable tv, my friends

- 5 favorite toys – pool table, darts, connect four, chess, backgammon

- 5 tagged (Your turn.)

I Tag....

noone 'cause I'm NICE!!!!!!!!!!!
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