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Friday the 13th came and went. Madisen's party was awesome until the whole video fiasco. (damn her effen VCR) My English teacher told the class that archaeologists just found proof that the Beast's (from revelations)number isn't 666 it was 616. haha all these years people were scared of the wrong number. I feel sorry for the people in Michigan, their area code is 616 haha, They're all evil. The bible is wrong. haha.
I had a good day today even though the testing thing was going on.
Why do whores suck so much?
ok now I'm sad. . . . .

oh and in Humanitas, we got a video project having to do with the 70s, 80s and 90s. fun. (can you hear the enthusiasm?)
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i always knew the bible was wrong, but no one would listen to me...