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Ok so yesterday I was playing pool with Melissa, tal and Michal and Kroq was on in the background. For some reason when the Kroq Inland Invasion Commericial thing said that caller 20 will get tickets, it kinda jumped out at me. I called;a busy signal, I called again and it rang. I expeected it to keep on ringing with no answer as it has done in the past. . . THat was until I heard a guy say "Am I speaking with caller 20?" and I froze and slowly answered "yeah, I guess so." I can't believe I won tickets. He asked for all sorts of information and read me the disclaimer and such. It was soooo wierd. I was hearing everything , but it didn't seem real. It hasn't sunken in as of yet, but I can't believe the odds of that happening to a me, a person who tried calling twice, opposed to a person who has tried all week, day and night, to win the tickets that I won so easily. I kinda didn't feel that I deserved it somehow. Later I called back and asked why my voice wasn't on the radio, like winners usually are and he said that Stryker was at Hollywood and Highland and was probably busy with other stuff. He said that he could say my name as many times as I wanted, but no one would hear him - I told him to say it anyway haha. His name turned out to be Ross and he sounded REALLY hot. so now I'm off to decide which of 2 good friends I shall take. *sigh*

-the sucky thing is that I don't know what kind of tickets they are (lawn, loge, orch.) and the fact that it's at the hyundai pavilion And the fact that it starts in the morning!
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